The Signus ONE is a fully customizable and inflatable brand pavilion. With full color printed cloths you can stand out at all kind of experiential marketing and events. Because of the organic shape the Signus ONE makes an impression of being a one piece design pavilion. It guarantees visibility in a way that will make the difference. With the adaptable cloths the inflatable pavilion can easily redesigned. Each event a different design.

Especially because the pavilion is set-up in only 15 minutes Signus One is definitely perfect for guerilla marketing, sampling and other pop-up marketing.

The Signus ONE can be used for multiple marketing activities and multiple campaigns. How? Easy, just change the printed cloths. The Signus contains of three parts: Inflatable frame, white unprinted cloths and custom printed cloths. The inflatable frame and the cloths are connected with high quality YKK zippers. The cloths are adaptable and easily changed in 5 minutes so you can design your Signus pavilion each event differently.

Color of inflatable frame: black or grey.

Available in 3 sizes:
M4 = 420 x 420cm, Height: 282cm
M5 = 500 x 500cm, Height: 289cm
M6 = 620 x 620cm, Height: 330cm


✔ unique Design
✔ individual branding
✔ exchangeable printed canvas
✔ Indoor & Outdooe use
✔ Set up in 15 Min.
✔ water resistant
✔ wind proof till bft 6 (49kn/h)
✔ fireproof

Price Signus One M4 incl. print: CHF 4000.00 excl. VAT
Price Signus One M5 incl. print: CHF 4650.00 excl. VAT
Price Signus One M6 incl. print: CHF 5300.00 excl. VAT

Main package for all 3 sizes includes: Signus One Pavilion, trolley box for Pavillon, accessory bag, electric pump, handpump, tent pegs 3+3pcs, valves set 2+2 pcs

Price list for accessories and spare parts to townload.

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